Wedding Bliss

So it is funny to think that time flies and your life goes on day by day.  It took me a few days to adjust to being married.  You go your entire life and see other people get married and how their lives change after this one day... but change is an understatement.  It is a huge transition and if I were to give any advice to anyone contemplating marriage to make sure you both understand everything that goes into making a marriage work.  Everyday you work at making it better and stronger.  The love you can feel for one person is astounding and words don't do it justice how blessed I am to have such an amazing husband who when I see I get to smile and kiss him everyday. I am lucky.  This married life is amazing and my future is something I am excited about.  So here are some of the pictures of our wedding we got back from our photographer.  Enjoy:)
I have to say I got a good looking guy with an incredible heart and smile/

The Goodwin fam....BAM!

Between the two of us we have some stinking cute nieces and nephews.
Our reception center was amazing.

Loved seeing the Buckle girls:)
More family:)
Steven and Sarah were married two weeks before us:)
My cute sister in laws and Dane.
One of my best friends and her husband, with their daughter Maddi.

This baby was pimping it up with his awesome outfit, my brother Chandler and his wife Cami with their little guy Liam.
This is a special picture due to the fact that it was one of the last pictures taken of Mike's grandma who passed away a week after our wedding.  More Struthers' family.
Yup the cupcakes were that good with just the right amount of frosting.

Coming out of the Mount Timpanogos LDS temple for the first time as a real married couple.

The best friends a girl could ask friend Erin is on the right and helped get me to being a teacher and coach after working together for four years, Europe, Seattle, etc we are still tight... my best friend Kat... I love this girl like a sister too, she has seen me in my younger crazier years and introduced me to Vegas... Kim...she is a doll who I met at Buckle and have been tight with since.  Words don't do these girls justice.
The Struthers' Clan
Probably the coolest "new" parents anyone could ask for... awesome people who have openly welcomed me into their home with bad jokes and amazing cook with sweet love. Jeff and Doreen are amazing.
Mike's brothers... just will make you laugh hands down.

The sister-in-laws... sweet sweet girls who just make you smile.
The youngest Goodwin brother who just graduated high school and his sweet girlfriend Jenna.

My brothers are awesome...from left to right... Sterling, Coulson, Parker, Stewart, and Chandler

My awesome sister-in-laws Cami, Meghan, and Tiffiani
My awesome parentals and my dad rocking the stunner shades.


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