Ely, Cambridgeshire

Today we finally got out of the apartment and used our new car to explore a bit! We headed to Ely, Cambridgeshire which happens to be a bustling little town about thirty minutes away from RAFL. The chapel was partially closed due to a wedding but we got to explore a little before having to head back. It still amazes us that we live in England! We explored a woodworking shop and the shopping district connected to the cathedral grounds. Mike saw someone wearing a BYU hat, turned out they were students doing a study abroad at Cambridge from BYU. Small world! Oh and we got adventurous and Mike cut my hair today! Guess you have to improvise when you just moved to a new country and don't know anyone that does hair! So far we love it here and it is finally starting to feel normal again which is fantastic for us! We have gotten a new car and house, now we just need our stuff to get here and we can move into it!


  1. Such beautiful pictures! What an amazing adventure you are living. I'm happy things have settled and that you can now enjoy your new home :)


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