Tea, crumpets, and nonsense

Well we made it to England! As exciting as that is, the process of getting here was an absolute headache! So much has happened in the last two weeks it's insane! Our house got packed up, Mike graduated residency, Aislyn turned 10 months, we became homeless, we flew halfway across the world, it's our anniversary, and we made it to England!

First things first... We had our stuff packed up the last week of July and it's officially on it's way to England! We won't have any of our stuff until the middle of October, so living out of suitcases and whatever goods we shipped to England is the new normal. Aislyn was a champ during the packing process even though she got sick, she was still happy as ever. 

Mike graduated from his AEGD residency August 1st and had an official ceremony to graduate. There is something special about the armed service portion of graduation. The ceremony was short but sweet and it was a great way to end a great year. His colonel loved Aislyn and was always nice to us, we will miss the people we came to know in that year. I guess there is always Facebook right?!

Aislyn is officially ten months old as of a week ago! It's crazy how fast that time has gone! She is really one of the most relaxed kids I have ever seen or known. She is probably around 28" and 16 lbs wearing 6/9 months clothes, size 2/3 diapers, eats 24-32 oz a day plus 8+ oz of solids a day. She is working on her top two teeth to have a total of four teeth here shortly! She loves standing and crawling everywhere, she wants to walk but can't figure out how to not point her toes when she is standing still. Her hair is starting to grow finally! She loves singing and swinging! She claps, gives five, will do the mouth yell, loves feeling everything, says, "hey, yeah, baba" and loves her fisher price app that sings shapes, colors, letters, and numbers. 

We made it to England finally! Only after the consulate finally got around to mailing our visas! Aislyn slept the entire first flight to Chicago, slept 5 out of the 8 hours to London and played the other three. The jet lag hasn't been terrible except during the late hours of the night, Aislyn can't seem to figure out that 1-4 in the morning is not for playing. But then again she is cutting the top two teeth and seems to have a case of croup so she isn't totally herself. Mike started in processing today at RAFL and we are staying in temporary housing on base. Mike's bag still has yet to show up so he has no clothes. But we are happy to finally be here! 

And last but not least... Happy anniversary to my love and I! Our little marriage is two today! One of my favorite wedding photos because you can see the happiness on our faces! We celebrate our anniversary of two very exciting years! We celebrate closet sharing, cover stealing, baby raising, military living, international moving, laughing, crying, compromising, loving JOYFUL years of marriage. I am so grateful to have such an amazing guy by my side and my companion for eternity! 


  1. You have had an exciting time lately. So grateful you are safely at your next location!


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