A week in review...

And another one bites the dust! Mike and I have made it four weeks since being married but our one month anniversary isn't until tomorrow... ssshhh... we will see if Mike remembers... oh well.

This week was kind of awesome but also not so awesome...Here is an abbreviated run down of the activities accomplished by the Struthers' clan
  • We were both sick...like flu but not so cool
  • I am still sick it is one thing after another oh well
  • Learning that things build up and get really expensive after awhile
  • We went to work and school without a hitch
  • Grocery shopping is fun when one person likes to be healthy and the other not so much (Oops! Guess I should be more leery about what I eat...)
  • I started taking a multivitamin and folic acid everyday (this is new for me)
  • We went to a volleyball tournament on Saturday that my old basketball players were playing at, Mike was nice enough to go with me and say hello to a bunch of teenage girls
  • We attended the San Gerrano Festival which was fun but we pass on alcohol so it wasn't as much fun as everyone else
  • We welcomed a new member into our family (not due to lack of persuasion) his name is Bronco... he kind of rocks... he also doesn't like men at all... we rescued this little guy from the Las Vegas Humane Society, he is a year old and we think he comes from an abused home. But he certainly is worth the work and we like him. Bronco... name comes from BYU for my BYU die hard fan of a husband.
Here is to another month of awesomeness!


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