Typical Vegas: the blunders of drag queens, hash house, and real life.

Take a look closely at this picture.... look really close... what do you see? I don't know if you will be able to tell but that is a bunch of men dressed up as different celebrities... yes we encountered this show last night.  Pretty darn funny if I do say so myself, however; humor is very different out of the LDS culture and picks up a raunchy tone rather quickly.  I could do without the stand up but the other entertainment was rather entertaining.  I don't know who in their right mind would want to do this for a living but people down here soak it up like kids eating glue.

This last week has been the first real week of living real life... Mike is back in school and I started working part time.  Working only part time is a joke and it means I have way too much time on my hands to fidget around the house and get bored with pictures on the walls or getting on Pinterest and finding new ideas of trying to be crafty.  And if you know me at all I don't do crafts.  I occasionally will get on a granny kick where I knit and I won't stop but that is rare.  Anyways our next door neighbor was talking to me earlier this week (one of the only young people I know that is LDS and is conveniently close) and I saw this really cute wreath on her door.  The only thought I had was crap I would never be able to do something like that. However, here is my first attempt at being crafty in our house... I still don't know what to think but it is something to put on our door in the meanwhile.
As this week has gone here are the lessons I have learned....
1. Cleaning turns into an obsession when you buy a Dyson 
2. Cooking in a crock pot is totally new and awesome way to exist in the kitchen.
3. Crafts cost more than you think 
4. Drag queens are still hideous in real life and on TV
5. Having more time equals more domestication
6. It's nice to have visitors
7. Breadmakers are amazing and I won't go without another one EVER
8. Saturdays equal football for my husband especially BYU football
9. If you ever give a man a cleaning to do list make it so they can still watch football because this will make them happier at the end of the day
10. Be thankful that I have an amazing spouse who helps me out and does everything I ask without complaint

So this brings me to my next point... having visitors... this weekend was the first time that someone has stayed at our house since being married.  In fact they are still asleep and I don't dare go out in the kitchen to make pancakes quite yet. (yes mom that is right I am pondering cooking pancakes!)  My best friend Erin and her boyfriend Zack came down this weekend to chill after Zack had run the Red Rock Relay in St. George.  Needless to say it was good to see an outside face that wasn't family and it was refreshing to my happiness to see my best friend so happy.  We went to dinner at Hash House A Go Go which is a little south of the strip.  This is a restaurant where I think it is a requirement to have tattoos and gauges in order to work there. Anyways this restaurant, the food is awesome, tastes different, and it is just a fun place to take people who don't come to Vegas very often.  

So if you can't see the presentation is pretty awesome.  After dinner we headed back to the house to pick up Mike who had been singing at Stake Conference to head down to the strip for the "Divas" show.  Interesting is all I can say.  But it makes you appreciate having a true sense of love and friendship in your life, as well as having good morals instilled in you. Week one is done and hopefully we make it through week two of real life and week four of being married. :)


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