I have a sneaking suspicion

Okay so this might be little vague if you don't know me (the wife) real well.  But I have to be cryptic and say that when the mind gets going on its own, wow! This week has been the process of trying to quit my part time job I just started and trying to get everything in order for substituting full time down in Vegas.  That is substitution not prostitution just to clarify :)  Today was the straw that broke the camel's back.  It is hard to start working some random job where all of your education is completely irrelevant and worthless.  It is even harder to work a random job when your husband has school everyday from 8:00-5:00, when you have to work until after 10:00 randomly.  On these days I go home for "lunch" which is really dinner only to see my husband briefly for less than an hour and head back to work.  When this happens to be multiple days in a row I don't like it at all.  I requested a random weekend off in October in order to go back home to Utah to visit my family for the first time since being married and I got denied time off, even though it is not a holiday and it was over a month in advance.  Needless to say I kind of gave up on my job after this and want to quite already.... Mind you I am only a week into this new job.  Ugh.  This weekend was a big one for me to have with Mike... a BYU game with my hot husband who happens to be a die hard BYU fan, hanging out with my best friend for her birthday, and going to general conference on Sunday with my entire family.  My dad got everyone tickets, I guess that is a perk of being bishop.  But I got denied.  So hopefully I am out of this place before then and just working full time subbing and actually start using my teaching degree.  I had to sit and work around the stupid state office website and it took me over two hours of just trying different links to finally pay the stupid fee and get my official teaching license. Ugh.  Two things I have learned today: Everything outside of Utah is 2x's more expensive and people are generally less inclined to be nice to you. 


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