As we have progressed in this pregnancy and things have happened it has become clear that people will give you their opinion on anything they feel necessary to do so.  If people feel so inclined to share I would ask, but I feel that in the case of our daughter I don't want other people telling me what is best especially when they don't know Mike and I's situation.
I have come to learn that there are different types of trends especially with birthing and raising children that are prevalent nowadays.  To each their own is my motto.  We will do what is best for us and our daughter regardless of people's opinions whether they agree or disagree.  To anyone that I speak with on a regular basis they know I became part of a pregnancy group on Facebook with a bunch of awesome gals that are due in October and spread throughout Canada and the United States.  I know to some this may be bizarre but it has been a major lifesaver, especially when it comes to my stupid questions or rants about ridiculous things.
Through this opportunity I learned about the different births and options for raising your child.  Whether it be using a doula/midwife, hospital, or trying for a natural birth without drugs. Cloth diapering vs regular diapers, breastfeeding vs formula feeding.  Through the learning process I was pretty adamant from the get go that I wanted a cesarean because I didn't want to deal with the pain of pushing, I was going to formula feed, etc.  But I have decided if I can I want to try for a natural birth with an epidural of course and I will feed my daughter from my own resources.  Her health is the ultimate most important thing.
We have decided to keep the name to ourselves until she is born due to the fact that we could care less to hear people's thoughts anymore on the matter.  We are also going to do our best to keep her healthy and happy.  That is what matters most in the end isn't it?
I had a doctor's appointment today and the doctor discussed the fact that I have an extremely posterior cervix and that most likely will lead to going past my due date.  So with a contingency plan in mind we have officially set our induction date for the 8th of October.  We had reasoning for this date that I prefer to keep between Mike and I.  This is where I get frustrated and ultimately feel like facebook is an awful place for me to express anything pertaining to the pregnancy.  I feel that people that will give you their opinions whether you want them or not.  It all comes back to different views of birthing and what people think is best.  I do recognize the fact that inductions have higher chances of cesarean and can also take longer for the natural birthing process to progress.
I get extremely frustrated that people who you consider friends don't respect the bounds of that acquaintance and friendship dynamic.  I don't care to hear why you did what you did when you had your baby and what worked for you, in the end what matters is what works for Mike and I. If I ask for your opinion that is a different story in my mind. So with that in mind we have two weeks until we meet this little girl maximum.  I can't help but get excited at the prospects of being a mother and having Mike be a father.  So happy to finally have an end in sight to meeting this little gal!


  1. I'm just assuming this is directed slightly towards me based on the comment I made on your thread the day you posted this on fb. I in no way intended to offend or make you feel like you don't know what's best for you and your cute family. Opinions are just that, opinions, and everyone does things differently based on what they've experienced and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I want to apologize if what I said was offensive.

    I'm glad you've been a part of a Facebook group that has helped you discover options that work best for you. That is what is most important. I suppose because I've had 4 sisters who've all had c-sections (which later has caused further problems) for one reason or another, I get protective because I think they could have avoided it had they known their options. So if that background helps you understand why I said what I said please know I didn't mean to push anything on you. Because of that, for me, getting pregnant was a means for educating myself because I didn't want to end up like my sisters. It saddens me when I see women who could care less or who just hum drum through their pregnancies and end up having horrible experiences because they were taken advantage of and didn't take control and council with their care providers. The same thing could have happened to me if I hadn't gone out of my way to learn and join groups as you have done.

    You're right I don't know your situation and even if you had to have a c-section or wanted one from the get-go it wouldn't be my business nor would it matter. My only motive is to empower women because women and birth in any form are incredible! Please know that is all I intended.

    You're about to be blown away by love for your little girl and it joys me to know that others get to experience what I've had the blessing to experience this year as well. You're going to do fabulous, you're already doing fabulous! I'm so happy for you! All the best!



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