30 days.

We are officially down to thirty days until our due date! I would love to fast forward and have it be October already! This little girl is going to be so loved and spoiled rotten, we can't wait to hold her and have her join our family.  I believe Mike will be the most amazing father a little girl will have! And I think this little gal will soften him up too :)  We are officially settled and unpacked  here in Nebraska.  To say we love it would be an understatement.  The ward we are in has been very welcoming to us and we love living around all the green.  Mike is loving the corn fields which surround our house and line several of the streets we drive down.
 He has officially started and treating patients at the medical clinic after three weeks of paperwork.  He seems to enjoy his job and it helps that the other residents are easy going and nice.  We have had a couple of nights where we have gotten together with them and they are extremely cordial and easy to be around.  It is nice to finally be in a schedule with a set time and having something to do, it is nice to be able to feel like life is moving on finally.
The pregnancy has had ups and downs, mostly just ridiculous things now at this point.  We made two uneventful trips to labor and delivery last week.  After three days of contractions I finally decided to go in and get monitored just make sure everything was fine, three days later I had a fall down the stairs that ended up back in labor and delivery for monitoring.  It has been frustrating to lose control of things I felt I would be fine dealing with during pregnancy. That has been the hardest part is seeing the changes and watching my body change to accommodate growing a human being.  I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be a mother and to grow our family, but this has been one of the hardest trials I have ever had to endure.  This little girl is growing but we have no idea where she is measuring at either.  Starting tomorrow we are down to weekly appointments with the doctor before she arrives.  It seems like an eternity away but it is only 30 days away.
So in short we are great and enjoying our new adventure in corn country!


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