Things people don't tell you.

I guess when I became pregnant I was ultimately oblivious. What do I mean you might ask? I mean no one tells you the bad things or the hard things about being pregnant. No one tells you how physically different things will be on your body, emotional health, and overall well being. The media glorifies pregnancy through shows such as Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant, they don't really show how trying the whole experience will be.
I guess when I came to finally realize or at least wrap my mind around the reality that I was going to be a mom my body was already changing. But not in ways I anticipated. As a preface to this before I get reamed or offend someone, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to become a mother and to start our family.
I remember watching my mom while she was pregnant with my youngest brother and she had five other kids at home...she was never sick. My sister in laws have handled their pregnancies with amazing grace and I don't recall them being sick. All of them bounced back extremely fast after pregnancy too.
The first sign that I knew I was pregnant the nausea. I got hit with the first wave at the very beginning of the year. I thought I just had the flu. But nothing would explain the constant trepidation of sitting in front of the toilet and throwing up. The problem was all the pregnancy tests continued to come up negative time and time again. It was beyond frustrating. At the end of January we finally got a positive. A positive to explain the throwing up, exhaustion, and lack of drive to do anything.
Morning sickness- I never recall hearing about such conditions as hyperemesis gravidarum or other extreme conditions.  I got the worst of the worst it seems not bad enough to have HG but still bad to the point where I was throwing up 15-18 times a day consistently. I tried everything under the sun to evade MS but it just got worse. I will never again enjoy applesauce, gingerale, 7up, taking pills (not that I enjoyed it before but even prenatal pills is what I'm referring to). I tried different medications to make the nausea subside but they only took away the edge of nausea but not the actual throwing up portion of morning sickness. I almost felt better after throwing up, the sad part is the toilet and I quickly became best friends.

Fatigue- you're never going to feel refreshed ever again is what people will tell you. This is actually right. No one knows extreme exhaustion like a parent or pregnant woman.  I sleep but it doesn't feel like I actually ever sleep.  I'm more restless, I have bizarre dreams, and I wake up feeling like I don't actually ever sleep.

Random pains- round ligament pain, stretching pain, gas pain, backache, and stomach aches. Where do I even start? My hips felt like they were eighty years old for several days, my hip sockets randomly would hurt and ache to the point where I couldn't lay on either side. Random feelings in your stomach to the point where trying to decipher what they were became a joke. All of this before you might even be further then four months along. Hearing about all these wonderful things makes you wonder why on earth would you would want to be pregnant...ever?! But everyone tells me it's worth it when you hold that baby in your arms.

Weight loss/weight gain- I have yet to experience the second one but the first one pretty much dominated my entire first trimester. Due to the extreme nausea I lost ten pounds in a matter of a week. I got scared that it would hurt the baby after not putting on enough weight or eating enough, drinking enough water, this point I'm almost four months along, I haven't really started showing yet, I'm still fitting in my jeans comfortably, I haven't gained any weight but rather I'm maintaining my pre pregnancy weight and not losing weight anymore. I have gained back all the weight I essentially lost in the first place. If I could know all of these little worries before I think I would have been better prepared for this pregnancy.

Another side note is how in the heck do you prepare for all the vomit, crap, sleepless nights? I seriously don't know moms do it! I was sitting in church yesterday and this baby just puked all over his mom, she was graceful just laughed it what?! I give props to every mother out there! I pray I don't lose my mind when our daughter gets here! Haha seriously I'm astounded at how much change I've already experienced. I'm so nervous about it all but so ready to have her here or at least feel pregnant and look it rather than looking like I just ate too many donuts!


  1. I remember friends/mom/aunts saying pregnancy was no picnic, but it's not something you truly understand until you are there.

    Having a newborn was more demanding (emotionally and physically) than pregnancy for me.

    About the vomit, poop EVERYWHERE, extreme fatigue... I had to take it one day (sometimes one hour) at a time.


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