A Little Update...

Okay so first of all I have failed miserable at updating our blog over the last month! I can make all the excuses I want until I am blue in the face to justify not writing on here but that would just be worthless. Over the last month here is the rundown on our little love story... don't mind the out of order on the dates either:)

I turned 26... I didn't realize how much harder this birthday would be versus others, because often age is just a number.  I still feel like I am an 18 year old at heart in every facet of my life enjoying everything and wishing time would slow down just a little bit.  For my birthday if you read the previous post, Mike was awesome enough to get me tickets to Carrie Underwood at Mandalay Bay! I pretty much cried when I opened them up on Christmas! It was the best present to be able to spend an amazing evening out with my amazing husband.  We went down to the strip early and hit up the Shark Exhibit at Mandalay Bay as well before the concert and he fulfilled my craving of the day for a philly cheese steak sandwich! So good! The concert was amazing and I would see her again in concert any day!

2ND TRIMESTER! I officially hit the second trimester two weeks ago! We are now a little over 14 weeks along and on Saturday this last week we found out what we are having! We are keeping it on the down low while everyone gets our little gender announcements! I sent them out this morning to all our family and our close friends! Needless to say I am overwhelmed and don't even know where to start!

The last week of March we got to Spring Break down in Tucson with Mike's family.  It was so nice to get away and to be able to relax a little before Mike finishes up school and before the baby comes.  We were able to take our nephew Jaden to the zoo with Matt and Doreen, so cute to be able to see little ones enjoy everything around them! We did an Easter dinner with the entire Struthers' family and Easter egg hunt too.  We managed to luck out and Mike found the golden egg! It is the coveted egg that everyone fights over because the prize is so much better than everyone else's.  Here are a few pictures from that...

Mike is graduating in TWO weeks from dental school, I couldn't be more proud of this amazing man.

It was great to be with family and to be able to share in some new memories before life gets super crazy.  I was trying to sleep last night and it seems that sleep is quickly becoming something I miss and don't get much of these days.  In less than 90 days the {hubs} will be leaving me for almost five weeks.  Five freaking weeks.  A small part of me starts to feel a sense of panic and like I don't know what I am going to do without him.  He leaves for Alabama at the end of June for Commissioned Officer Training.  While he is gone I get to be in the house by myself growing our baby.  Ugh, we call this overwhelming.  We are moving at the end of July for Omaha.  That is less than 120 days away.  Holy anxiety.  I will be moving without my better half and not to mention I will be close to seven months pregnant.  I can't tell you how nervous I am to be doing all of this.  It is a huge change and not to mention we will be having a baby less than two months after moving.  But when I look at these pictures of our baby from Saturday I can't help but feel grateful for my little family and all the blessings that we really have. 


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