I fail at updating...But here is Lake Powell!

Okay so I fail miserably at updating this thing regularly as to what seems to happen when life starts to take effect and you don't have as much time as you used to... so here is a picture collage of the last two months and what has been going on....we just got back from a weekend at Lake Powell with the Struthers' family and it was a blast! I went camping just be proud... yes true story... enjoy :)

 How cute is his little smile?! This guy could melt your heart!
 Obviously I should be excited about camping... duh!

 Words.Cannot. Describe.How.Awesome.This.Moment.Was.Period.
 These are the coolest kids/teens anyone could have as cousins. Thanks for the entertainment Ellie and Katie. 

 My handsome husband can actually wakeboard really well. I just failed at capturing the right moments.

 By far one of my favorite pictures.
 Rainbow Bridge with Doreen.
 Ricky had to backflip off a cliff multiple times cause I sincerely struggled with taking pictures.
Mom and Dad Struthers'... probably the coolest in-laws anyone could ask for.  We are blessed for sure:)


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