cookies, lipstick, and rotten potatoes.

Have you ever just had one of those moments where you think... what the heck did I do this week? Or another random thought is you might find yourself reading a random blog and thinking why can't I be as creative or as cool as this person? I have these moments quite often but life still continues whether I document the moments or not.  I fail miserably at documenting our married life.  Other than a few pictures here and there we are pretty simple in regards to just have the same routine everyday.  This has been an utmost random week...

This last weekend we had the opportunity to have both sets of our parents in town for the Jenny Oaks Baker concert that was hosted by our stake and put on at UNLV.  If you don't know who she is I highly recommend listening to her music here.  She is phenomenal.  Mike was singing in the concert with the stake choir, they did a remarkable job.  It was nice to have both sets of parents here, we had the opportunity to just relax and visit the entire time.  Surprisingly, our parents get along extremely well and this is the fun part about it that they realistically can get along.  We took my parents to Hash House A Go Go on Friday night, where they experienced what white farm food tastes like.  Hash House is our go to place to take people for something different that isn't right on the strip.  Mike loves to take people here the presentation of the food is remarkable.  We visited Fashion Show Mall down on the strip and wandered aimlessly looking at the lovely fashions of Vegas.  It was a great weekend to have visitors and to be able to spend time with family.

The week has continued with randomness unfolding with our dog... he is a wizard I am convinced of it.  He can escape from anything and he can get into anything.  I bought a brand new bag of training treats and left them on the ottoman in our living room, not thinking I went grocery shopping and came back to find the little rascal had eaten through the plastic bag and gobbled down the entire bag of treats.  I was shocked to see he had done this.  But dogs and puppies will be as dogs and puppies are expected to be.  At two in the morning we were awoken to our dog throwing up all the goodies he had ingested from earlier in the day.  Mike had to give him a bath at three in the morning because he was in a kennel and couldn't escape from his own vomit.  It was a wonderful bonding experience for him I am sure.  The next day was followed with me leaving him outside connected to his leash while I was at work.  I texted our next door neighbor to check on him about two hours after I had left him in the backyard, at one I got a text saying the dog was escaping.  I was honestly shocked as to how he could get off of his leash and get out of our yard.  I ran out of work to go and try to find him, when he runs he runs! So I got to our house and Bronco was nowhere to be found, I just parked the car and walked around our neighborhood calling his name but to no avail, he was not anywhere to be found.  I was starting to panic I just kept calling and after twenty minutes of wandering around I got in the car to drive to the other side of the neighborhood only to find Bronco standing on the sidewalk in the park wagging his tail with the greatest pleasure he had.  I stopped the car and called him over and he just jumped right into the passenger seat like he had the best time ever.  Stupid dog almost gave me a heart attack.

We have been trying to declutter the last two bedrooms in our house turning one into an office for Mike to be able to study in and the other as a second guest room for people.  I had a few boxes that were the last bit of my possessions from Pleasant Grove and from my classroom that I had failed to unpack.  As I was unpacking the purses out of the last box I came across a lovely find of MAC lipstick I had never used but was brand new and something I had bought for fall.  It is a bright magenta pinkish color that makes me oh so happy.  If you haven't had the opportunity to play with the fun fad of colored lipstick you need to try it!  Over the years and after trying many different brands of makeup, MAC makeup from Nordstrom's is my favorite and worth every penny.  Some of the best things about being a girl and an adult is being able to play with makeup and have fun with it.  You don't need to look like a streetwalker but you should be able to keep it fun.  Go here to look at MAC stuff :)
After all of these adventures this week we were hanging out and eating fettucine alfredo on Wednesday night and I couldn't figure out why our kitchen still smelled of our dog vomit.  I had mopped and wiped everything down with bleach after that night and couldn't figure out what the deal was.  Mike found it this morning,.. a bag of potatoes we had failed to cook that had gone bad.  Man don't buy things in large quantities if you don't eat them that often. Pasta always a safe choice:)  I had the urge to bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that night and I don't love them.  I need a good sweet, lowfat recipe that tastes good so if you have one please share!


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