Taysom James Struthers

I need to get this written before I forget everything. This last month has literally been one insane experience after another.

As with any pregnancy in the third trimester I had hit the point of being uncomfortable and hurting everywhere. Around 35 weeks I started to get insane itching around my hands and feet. I chalked it up to stretching skin and hormones. It was not until I had my 36 week check up that I brought it up with the midwife. She said that it could be nothing but it could also be something serious called pregnancy induced cholestasis, which meant my liver was no longer breaking down bile creating the itchy skin. The condition isn't necessarily serious to the mother but it can potentially cause death in the infant. They sent in blood work and it took a week to get back due to being overseas they send it to Germany. I got the results back at 37+6 and the doctor said that indeed my levels were elevated. She started me on liver medication and said they would stick with my induction for 39 weeks. That was the plan on Monday the 11th of April. Mike was having major surgery on Tuesday the 12th. He went in for a scope on his right knee and tonsillectomy, adenoids removal, palate resection, and uvula removal. His surgery went smoothly although his pain has left something to be desired. We weren't expecting quite so much swelling and pain with it as he has experienced. It has been hard to watch him hurt continually and be a good sport. Tuesday afternoon my midwife called me and said she didn't feel comfortable with my liver levels and wanted to induce me the next morning. My brain just started spinning because that was twelve hours from the point when I got the phone call. That night our good friends were able to go over to the hospital and give Mike and I both priesthood blessings. I know Mike was feeling terrible at the situation and how things were unfolding. I couldn't help but just feel overwhelmed in that instance. I felt immediate relief after the blessing that everything would work out. 

I went into the hospital the next morning at 6:30 to be induced. My friend Ami was able to be with me for the first two hours before she had to leave, and my friend Rebecca came after that. They started pitocin at 7:45, I was dilated to a 3 and had chosen to ride out the contractions as long as possible with lout an epidural. It was around 11 that the midwife checked me and said she would like to break my water to get things going but suggested I get the epidural first. They called the anesthesiologist in and after five attempts and pokes in the back I finally had the epidural an hour later. It took two different doctors to get it in, I have a super tight back and it was difficult to get the needle in the right spot. That was probably the most uncomfortable pain I've experienced. I was fine until the fifth like when I started crying. It was so frustrating because I would tense up and they were doing everything right my back just wasn't right in that moment. I was crying due to fear of having to not get an epidural. I hate pain and didn't want to hurt. After the epidural was finally in place, Mike's nurse brought him down and my blood pressure dropped to 86/34 and my heart rate spiked into the 150's. They had to give oxygen and lay me down. That was terrifying. After that everything leveled out and it was pretty smooth sailing. At 12:00 the midwife broke my water and contractions picked up. By 2 I was a four and around 4:00 I started to feel severe pressure. They checked me and I was finally at a 9. Around 4:30 I was finally ready to push. Our photographer got there literally five minutes before I started pushing and Mike got wheeled in right as I was ready. Rebecca was on my right and our friend Jessica who happened to be one of the nurses working in labor and delivery was on my left. Mike was in pain but the midwife gave him gown so he could help catch the baby. I pushed for a total of 19 minutes and Taysom was out. Mike was able to catch him and cut the cord. We did immediate skin to skin which I never got to do with Azy. Everyone that was in the room was amazing and made the experience even more fantastic. I was laughing and smiling the entire time. I could still love and feel but not hurt. It was ideal and perfect. It was a night and day difference from Aislyn. Our little man was born at 16:49 on April 13, 2016. He weighed in at 7 lbs 14 oz, 21.25" long which explained all the rib pain and discomforts I had. He is perfect and amazing. He did have severely high levels of jaundice and in turn we spent several days with him on the biliblanket and getting his blood levels tested. This is one of the complications due to my cholestasis. All ended working out well and the transition has been smooth with two kids and an incapacitated husband. Taysom fits perfectly into our family and we couldn't be more in love.  


  1. Lovely pictures and a lovely birth experience! I'm so privileged to be able to share in that experience with you and Mike! Taysom is handsome and Azy will make a wonderful big sister! Congrats again guys!


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