Tay two weeks

Where has time gone? I feel like after you have a baby time becomes incredibly skewed and life seems to skip by in a second. We made it through the last two weeks unscathed for the most part. It's been a rougher transition than I think we anticipated. Mike's recovery definitely was not what we thought it would be. He has definitely been more limited and in more pain than even he thought he was going to be dealing with. Thankfully his mom had been here and it worked out perfectly to have her come when she did. She's been incredibly helpful in assisting with his recovery and the transition for Azy. 

But... Like I said life has skipped by! Azy is a great big sister and loves baby Taysom as she calls him. She does have her moments where the true two year old comes through. We figured that would be the case though. She has regressed with certain areas and struggles with the fact that she isn't always the center of attention anymore. The night before I was induced I sincerely struggled saying goodbye to my first baby. I held her in her rocking hair and just cried as we snuggled for the last time as her being our only child. Mike was still in the hospital and so it was me that tried to tell her the baby was coming the next day. Overall, she has been pretty great. Now if only she wouldn't scream when we try to get her to begin potty training. My goal is August to have her trained. I'm not thrilled to have two diaper bills a month. 

Taysom is really the best baby. He and Azy look identical and are very similar with their temperments so far. Both were very mellow babies and easy to take out. I hate staying sequestered in my house and try to get out with he baby. It's great for my emotional well being and for immunity. We had his two week check up last Wednesday and he isn't quite back up to birth weight yet. He was weighing in at 7 lbs 8 oz, 21.5" long, making him 7th percentile for weight and 40th percentile for height. Mike and I have come to the conclusion that we definitely don't have big kids or fast gainers. I wouldn't trade this handsome little man for the world. 


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