Framlingham and Orford Castles

This past weekend we had the opportunity to explore a little more before the next step in our move comes forth. Tonight is our last night in tlf on base before we move into our house tomorrow. Yesterday we drove ninety minutes to the little town of Framlingham to explore castle ruins. This particular castle was built in the 1200's and housed royalty such as Mary Tudor and Henry Vlll. It's crazy how we learn about these individuals and are able to see where they lived and witness different parts of history! The castle was in phenomenal shape and had the house still standing that was around from years ago. It was windy and a beautiful day as well. Azy was a trooper and just snuggled herself away in our ergo. By the way that was one of the best investments thus far for our little one. 

We explored Orford castle next which was pretty immaculate. It only had the keep remaining as all the rest had been torn down. This castle was lived in until the 1940's as a family vacation home. Which is crazy considering the steps and the lack of electricity and plumbing. 


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