New adventures

In case you have missed it or have been living under a rock you would know I have started a new business as of January. Basically something to keep myself busy while we are cooped up during these cold winter days. 

A little backstory though...

I learned how to sew in ninth grade back in the day. I was just like any other obnoxious teenager learning a new skill... Absolutely clueless. I had to of bugged the sin out of my teacher asking stupid questions about the most simple of concepts. I eventually figured out how to put the thread through my sewing machine and got comfortable putting fabric through. And then it happened... The stupid needle went through my finger. I never touched a sewing machine again in junior high. 

My parents thought they were being helpful by buying my a sewing machine for my eighteenth birthday. I made them take it back and I threw a just fit. 

Fast forward eight years and I got a sewing machine while nesting during pregnancy. My sister in law taught me how to sew basic things while I was in the transition of moving from Vegas to Nebraska. 

When Azy was born she was a lot smaller than we thought she would be. Bibs I realized didn't fit her and clothes were either too big or too small on her. She is a little gal at almost five months old she is still under the 5th percentile for weight. So I started sewing and came up with the pattern I use for bibdanas which eventually turned into leggings, burp cloths, diaper clutches, blankets, and headbands... 

So I started an etsy business on the side and it has been more fulfilling than I anticipated. So check it out... 

Here's some more Azy spam. 


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