February photo catch up.

We hit the four month mark this month and what an adventure it has become. Azy's stats:
11.35 lbs (5th percentile)
24.25" (25th percentile)
Head 43 cm (45th percentile)

She's a happy gal most of the time unless you take away her music apps on the iPhone or neglect to give her her bottle when she wants it. She has started to coo, squeal, laugh, smiles constantly, loves rolling around the room. She has started getting up on her knees and will also get up on her elbows just not simultaneously. The pediatrician suggested we ought to be ready for her to be crawling in the next two months from her stature and posture. She's a curious thing who loves cuddles and the band Imagine Dragons. She has started drooling constantly and loves making out with her bibdanas. We have tried solids but mostly just do formula. She loved green beans and hated pears (go figure?)   We love this little gal and love seeing her change everyday. 

We also submitted our list for our next station assignment and hope to go foreign. We are now in a waiting game to see where we end up. 


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