This past week I had the opportunity for what seemed like a lot of service and missionary work. We have not really done a lot in a ward before as a married couple and in our current ward we are actively involved. Or at least I Ike to think I am but Mike is way more involved for sure. 
We got a call last Sunday from the sister missionaries to go watch the Christmas devotional with some less active members. We were a little surprised that they would call us but we decided to go anyways. Turns out that the family has a five week old and her husband just got back from deployment in Afghanistan. This is a new concept to me of thinking of troops and individuals going overseas to actually be in the war zone. As we become more engrossed in military life we will I'm sure come across more people who are active deployment. We ended up having a really good time and chatting for awhile not only about church stuff but life in general. Mike does so good when it comes to these situations and he is so personable when it comes to talking. I married an incredible human being who I'm eternally blessed to have in my life. I also completed my first round of visiting teaching, yes I know I'm how old and just barely doing it for the first time?! But it was great to get out and meet with the sister we vt and just get to know new individuals. This Sunday was also my first time teaching relief society in our ward and I can't tell you how nervous I was to teach. I don't know if it is due to the knowledge of the sisters in my ward or just stage fright. Anyways, the lesson was on reflections on Jesus Christ. It is humbling to be entrusted to teach others and to be able to learn and relearn things as you prepare lessons and listen to others inputs on the same subject. I'm incredibly blessed to be able to do service and learn new things. I want to be a better example to our daughter and together with my husband.  I wish I were perfect or at least close but the truth is I am far from it. I get frustrated, exhausted, I sometimes swear and lose my cool over ridiculous things. I hope to fix these faults and become better for my husband and my children but also for myself. In this Christmas season I hope we remember to give to others and show love. 

A little of the ninth week in review. 


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