It's the little things that matter.

So as we are going through this journey, pregnancy that is... I find that it is crucial I write down the little things and how I am feeling while pregnant.  So in turn it stops me from wanting a million kids and also to remember all the little things that change as my body changes and as we come closer to September 8th.  I know that people reading this might think I am jumping the gun by telling people, but I know I am healthy and whatever is supposed to happen will happen. 

First of all to preface this post, a little history when I was 21 I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) meaning that when I was 21 I was informed that when the day came for me to get pregnant I would more than likely have a difficult time conceiving and carrying a child.  So to find out that we are pregnant upon the first month of trying was a huge relief/blessing/joyful thought.  So in the end all that really matters is that hopefully this little guy is healthy! You heard that... I want a boy and so does Mike haha.

Things that have majorly changed this week are...
My belly has officially grown and popped out (okay so I may be the only one noticing)
My skin is reacting to things it didn't use to
I have food aversions to foods I used to love like chocolate, fiber one bars, juice, cereal... cool huh??
I feel extremely forgetful, not typical of me but lately I have struggled even when going to the grocery store.

So in the end all I care about as we approach another week of newness is that the baby is healthy and we have our ultrasound on Friday.  Kind of excited, I hope we can hear the heartbeat and that the baby is okay!


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