updates intimidate me...

So I sometimes will just stare at my blog and try to think, what is there to write? Is there anything even worthwhile sharing with people?  This blog I think has become primarily something for me [the wife] to blab on... and sometimes I read what I write and think what the heck?! But here it is... an update... an intimidating one at that...

[Mike and I decided in December to start trying to have a baby]
....speechelss..... I never ever thought I would want kids especially after teaching junior high.  But I want a baby and as of now I am sitting in limbo waiting to find out if we are pregnant or not and will hopefully know in the next week or two.  Don't want to jinx myself either but anyone that knows me knows that I am honest and open with people. 

[Cows and corn]
....I sometimes think of Nebraska and this is all I imagine.  Cows and corn.  But after working at Home Depot (glamorous I know) and meeting several people that are involved in the armed services and are stationed here at Nellis AFB, I hear that Nebraska is actually a great place to live especially if you are family oriented.  The people on base are very involved, especially the Captain's and Officers' wives.  So I am not necessarily scared for this next chapter in July when we move but more anxious for what it will give us.

[I am a military wife and things are expected of me]
-When I was a little kid and pictured my future, I saw myself being a teacher, living in Utah, in the suburbs, with lots of kids running around, and hardworking guy at my side.  Well I accomplished the token of being a teacher for four years, I miss it dearly and hope one day to get back to the heart and soul of teaching.  I still live in the suburbs but the awkward moment is that it is in the desert of Las Vegas.  I have no kids but a dog that is severely struggling and needs constant attention and love.  I have a hardworking guy at my side who frankly lets me do what I want and doesn't get mad at me or my Nordstrom addiction.  When I look at my husband and what he does for me I am eternally grateful.  I am so glad that the other girls passed him up and let me have him.  I don't worry about finances or the fact that he has everything monitored closely and we are secure.  We don't fight, we disagree but we don't fight.  I thank the Lord everyday that he is in my life and that he works really hard for our future.  He is in the military and we start our "Active Duty" career this July in Nebraska at Offutt AFB.  I look forward to this challenge and it is going to be what I make of it so I am hoping to make the best.

We had the opportunity to attend a wedding in Utah this last weekend and my best friend Erin who has been like my sister got married to an amazing guy.  We were able to attend the temple sealing at th SLC LDS temple and the Sealer who was performing the ceremony had some amazing things to say.  It made me reflect on my own marriage and how I can make it stronger.  One tip of advice my parents gave me when I was getting married is always and no matter what always read your scriptures and pray together every night.  It is something so small and so simple but something that is so incredibly important to the foundation of a marriage.  So Mike and I have started trying to strengthen our own foundation and are doing this every night no matter how tired we are. 

I am praying that the fertility issues I experienced in the past are that.... of the past. I pray that we do indeed have a special future this year and that we are able to safe and healthy.  New Years makes me hopeful for our future and I will keep you updated:)


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