Business Ventures...

I have officially gotten on the ball and started my own business! I am so excited for this little adventure hopefully it is fulfilling and fun.  I have always had a fascination with photography but have never had the nerve to really do anything about it, let alone share it with others.  However, now is the time that I feel that I can really do something fun and unique with it.  So I have started Mockingbird Photography.  :) I have a website and am officially shooting families now! Check it out!
Hope you enjoy!

Meanwhile... I fail miserable at updating this thing.... but here are a few things that show we actually are alive.  I am no longer blonde... I have a hard time with this one and regret it all the time but who knows... My husband is still alive after taking boards this past week.  So glad to be done with that, every night for the past two months consisted of school and coming home to sit on the couch every night to study until all hours of the night.  Our dog is coming around and it actually showing a personality now.  We love it.  We are excited to actually have our first holidays as a family in two weeks!


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