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Mike and I met in April of 2012, we had a whirlwind type of relationship that eventually led to us getting engaged 16 days after we met.  I know it sounds insane and when we tell people about it they look at us like we are crazy.  Maybe we are a little, but it is crazy in love.  There is no denying that when you meet the person you are supposed to marry you are let known of what is supposed to happen.  We both knew at the end of the first date that this was not a typical first date and both agreed that we wanted to keep seeing each other.  So here is our story in a nutshell...
We met at BYU on April 21st for our first real date.  We ended up walking around BYU for a couple of hours just talking and hanging out.  At first, I (McKenzie) was a little leery about the whole stigma of another first date.  I don't think I had laughed so hard after initially just meeting someone.  We ate dinner at Guru's and had a great time people watching and observing the culture of Utah County.  It was at this point that I was informed that Mike had come to Utah on a "recruiting trip" to see of any potential prospects for relationships.  I was date number three, he still had dates 4-7 lined up for later in the weekend.  However, I won his attention and he ended up canceling all the other dates.  On a side note though I was told he was going out to lunch with his grandma when really it was date number 2 walking in for brunch.  All you can do is laugh at it.  After leaving the restaurant we headed up to my parents house to wait for my little brother Parker to arrive with his prom date, after they failed to show Mike claims all I wanted to do was bring him home to meet my parents.Whatever.  We goofed around at my house where it was quickly established that Mike could easily put me into my place with the humor, comments, and sarcasm.  My parents were literally astonished at the fact that I was being wrangled by this guy.  After being at my parents for little while we headed over to his friend Landon's house to hang out and play games.  We watched a movie and being unplanned that is where we shared our first kiss.  This was a totally unplanned event but the first date was really like six dates in one.  By the end of the first date there was a different feeling with how the night was ending.
By May 6th we were engaged after having been together for two weeks straight and being around both families in Arizona and Utah.  The rest was history.


  1. That is such a cute story! I hope all is well. I am sad I missed you reception. I was not feeling well. I love your pictures you have posted. You look beautiful! Congrats Girl! I can't wait to see your pictures of the reception!


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