Murriedddddd....tis what brings us here together

On August 18th 2012 we were sealed for time and all eternity in the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple in American Fork, UT.  My cousin Heather Adams took our pictures and this is just a sneak peak at what was captured on this amazing day.  I cannot tell you what a special experience it was to be sealed forever to your husband and companion.  We started off the day early at the Goodwin house, I got about two hours of sleep with the anticipation of everything I couldn't relax but got up at six and had my father give me a fathers' blessing.  I headed out at 6:45 to get a smoothie from Kneaders and headed to get my hair and makeup done.  Heading home at 9 I anxiously waited for Mike to show up so we could head to the temple together.  We got there about ten in the morning and checked into the temple, headed into records and had the opportunity to sit in the sealing room for about 45 minutes waiting for our sealer to talk to us.  It was ridiculous how long that seemed to take.  We headed into the sealing room finally and were married by this cute old man who kept saying, "isn't she cute??" to Mike, who would just smile and laugh.  Arriving in the sealing room we were surrounded by family and friends, we couldn't keep from smiling and just enjoying the moment.  One of the funniest things that lightened the mood was Mike's aunt Pam arriving right as the doors were being shut, she was really frazzled but calmed down.  However, we couldn't help but laugh.  Anything to just keep the mood light and the room fun.  We were married finally and my dad was so proud that he didn't cry.  That was his ultimate goal.  It seemed like it went by in a blur and I couldn't have asked for a better day.  We went to the Grand America up in Salt Lake City to stay for our wedding night before heading back to Vegas on Sunday.  So the adventure continues:)


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