PHOTOBOMB starting with Tay's newborn photos

I have been meaning to update forever so the next few posts are just going to be a photobomb of the last six months.  Life with two kids is hectic to say the least and we have been going nonstop it feels like.  Azy had surgery this summer to remove her adenoids, I had my gallbladder out a few weeks ago.  Tay had severe colic and reflux, so that was a fun a first five months... I have been meaning to update this for forever.  We have so many things I need to write up and will hopefully get the time to do while kids are napping and such. Anyways, here are Tay's newborn photos I never shared! He was born quite yellow due to jaundice and his eyes were quite bloodshot from the pressure in the birth canal.  Our photographer did an amazing job.  I love my little man so much.



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