Months one and two

As usual with life it speeds up and before you know it your baby is two months old, it's summer, and crazy is in full swing. We had lots of visitors over the last several weeks and I feel like gbs chaos never stops. If it's not one thing it's another. Isn't that how it usually happens? 

I would love to say the last two months with having two kids has been easy, but that could not be further from the truth. I could sit and bash out every bad moment but it's all a blur. The sleep deprivation wins most days and I'm lucky if I remember to eat lunch. I don't know how moms do it with more than two kids?! This is pure insanity most days. I guess as the usual with this blog it's a catch up. But at least this time I'm under the six week mark. Taysom had his one month check up and was coming in at around 8 lbs 5 oz. which considering how much weight he lost due to jaundice sounds pretty good. He was 22" and as grumpy as ever. The puking and irritability were finally diagnosed as severe reflux and colic. As soon as they started him on Zantac he was like a new baby. Although the late afternoons and evenings are his witching hours. He just doesn't ever seem to be happy which is so sad because he really is the sweetest little guy with the cutest smile. 

We blessed this little man on Mother's Day which happened to be the most amazing gift I could ask for! Mike did a great job and from what I could hear it was a really special blessing. Azy was having a heyday during it so that's how that went. 

I had the pleasure to take Azy to the zoo with our friend Jamie and her little gal Avery. These two girls are only four days apart and are two little peas in a pod. It's really cute. They just play off one another and get going having the greatest time. Taysom was not having it though so the play date was cut rather short due to his screaming. Two kids in public is no joke it is a whole other level of fun. 

His two month check up is on Monday and hopefully he's gained some weight and is growing. He loves being held, having his legs and arms tickled and played with, loves his mamaroo, his paci is his favorite. He hates tummy time and being naked just like Azy did which is hilarious. 

Azy loves having a brother. Thankfully she isn't a kid that is jealous or resentful towards Tay. I trust her around him and she is extremely helpful when it comes to getting things or helping with him. She absolutely adores her baby Tay Tay. 


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