I'm gonna have to go ahead and skip to present day... I again get caught up with life and don't have time to go into detail about what is happening. This year I will be better... At least I keep telling myself that. Christmas was great! I have pictures on Facebook but we all know that doesn't count for anything. New Years was spent being sick and going to bed early. We are real party animals here... Like 80 year olds. I swear time drags and flies by in the blink of an eye. I'm officially eight months pregnant and exhausted while sick as ever. Pregnancy just doesn't seem to be my thing. I have a nasty go around pretty much the entire time I have a baby inside of me I feel like. I wish it were easier because Azy is an amazing kid. She really is super easy and if I could replicate three more of her without being pregnant I wouldn't hesitate at all. 

Poor Mike has been beyond helpful and patient with everything. It's hard to sit idly by when your spouse just complains and has a hard time doing something that is supposed to be so simple like pregnant.   I have friends who have amazing pregnancies and I get super envious of them, I wish I could really enjoy the experience but ultimately I end up despising every second of it. This pregnancy has been quite difficult from weight loss, dehydration, hospital trips, and genetic screenings. My immune system doesn't seem to be as great as it is when I'm not pregnant. I usually get an occasional migraine or sinus infection but with this go around I am either nauseous and throwing up constantly or have some type of sickness. It's hard to be grateful but I know T is going to be a great addition to our little family. We are undecided as to what will happen with more kids unfortunately, if it were easier there would be no hesitation. 

In December, I needed a reset really urgently. So we decided I could go back to the states and see friends and family. It was nice to be around sunshine and have good food and shopping. Being pregnant you know I went to the food first. I still struggled being sick and such but it wasn't as bad as before. Azy was a champion and has endured 46 flights as of now. The girl knows how to travel and I count my blessings that she does so well. We spent a total of five weeks back in Arizona and Utah. It is funny because neither are home to me anymore. Being with Mike is where my home is. Along with moving with the Air Force I'm not quite ready to call anywhere home just yet. We were able to have lots of time for Azy to play with cousins and aunts and uncles. We are lucky to have family that lets us crash into their homes when we come and spoils us rotten. I grew really close this trip with family and I have great relationships with some of my siblings and their spouses it makes life so much more complete. We are very lucky to have such great people in our lives. 

We came back to England right as I was hitting 30 weeks pregnant with T and it was definitely harder to travel this far along. I managed to stay healthy and not gain a lot of weight thankfully. This pregnancy has been a challenge because I really only crave chocolate, cereal, gummies, and red meat. I limit everything within obviously and at this point with Azy I had managed to gain close to 30 lbs, this baby I am barely at 10. I took a fall at the hospital down the stairs with azy as well so that's out a damper on my physical capabilities. I am not meant to go down stairs with any type of phone apparently. 

We are ready for the baby mostly besides little projects like seeing bibs and burp cloths, I finally got around to doing all the baby clothes and putting them away. We finally got the nursery all set up and it finally feels real. We decided to try to introduce potty training to Azy as well. It is an adventure all on its own. I'm not really pushing her but rather trying to get her to just recognize that she controls when she goes. It is more challenging for my patience as she is a very stubborn little girl. Her personality is really starting to shine and so is her vocabulary. Her communication skills in the last month have grown tremendously. It is finally nice to be able to have her communicate effectively and tell us what she wants or needs. She is going to be a very loving and helpful big sister! 

We were able to go to an ultrasound  this morning and see T for the first time in great detail. It makes it more real when you see your baby's face and movements in real life. I'm 32 weeks as of tomorrow and I'm so ready to have this little guy in my arms. But really I'm done being pregnant. We have a few odds and ends to tie up before he can come in reality, I've been big into cleaning and organizing along with prepping freezer meals and such. It's been hard as I have been dealing with anemia and a severe sinus infection for the last couple of weeks. Soon enough we will be a family of four though. 


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