Utah Florida Arizona 02/15-3/15

We have spent the last month traveling the United States and staying with family and friends. It has been an adventure to say the least! Azy has done so well on every flight even with her molars coming through. Yes we did an 18 hour flight alone and she handled it like a champ! We only do technology for Aislyn when we travel and on flights we have found Frozen to be the key. She will tune in and loves watching it. So as of now Azy has been on eighteen flights, four countries, and twelve states. Sorry for the photo dump as usual but it's what had to happen as always! We came on a military cargo plane it was insane!

Azy got to meet up with a fellow friend that had been in a moms group with me. So much fun shopping and chatting! 
This girl loves her mama and toys, along with sunglasses!

She has learned to leave the soundproof headphones on and traveled so well in the twelve hour car ride! 

Movie night with the cousins!

We also had a family dinner at Happy Sumo devoured sushi!

Azy got to to go to the new aquarium in Draper with her cousins! She loves fish and the displays!

We had a birthday dinner with Kat, Brandon, and Maddie at Zupas. 

Parker's homecoming she had a blast hanging out!

We also go to stay with family in St. George and play!

This girl loves her some ice cream. 

She's learning to FaceTime and actually stay focused on the phone call. 

We made dinner for the fambam out of a new cookbook that Meghan gave me. So good!

This girl loves her sunglasses and new hat for summer!

Hanging out at the Tucson Zoo with the grandparents and cousins. 

Azy got her first real haircut and we cut her mullet off! 

Having fun eating!

The spring blossoms in Utah were amazing! 


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