With Valentine's Day fast approaching today I got to thinking... What is love? How is it demonstrated in my life? What do I love? Whom do I love? I was driving to base today and turned around while stopped at a red light and looked at my little girl. My heart just bursts with the amount of love I feel for this little human. The fact is being a parent is ridiculously hard. It is ridiculously time consuming. It is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. The thought that five years ago I jokingly said I never thought I would be a stay at home mom or a parent for that matter, is beyond me. 

Love is such a fickle word to some and such a strong word to others. When you get married it feels like you have your ups and downs and sometimes with those cycles love evolves or changes. I look back at where I was three years ago and all the trials I was going through trying to find a teaching job. I was about to meet a man who needless to say swept me off my feet. It is hard saying or describing how I feel about Mike. 

Marriage is such hard work and it requires constant effort to keep it strong. Complacency isn't something that works for something that is continually changing. I'm a hard person to understand to be patient with, to love I feel at times. But despite these major faults my spouse is continually trying. He loves me despite my flaws and stubbornness. It's hard to describe the amount of love I have for both Mike and Aislyn. They are my entire world and my life. I can't imagine not having them and not being a wife and mother. 

We are going out tonight to celebrate as a family for Valentine's Day. It's a much much needed date night as a family. I love my family and my hearts swells knowing that I have them for eternity. I'm beyond blessed and I'm beyond lucky to be theirs. 


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