Azy meets the Jolly Old Man.

She hated it. The second we put her in his arms she flipped out. It's funny because she has zero stranger danger usually. Somehow every baby needs to scared of Santa, and every parent needs to get a picture of it! It's amazing how much this little girl has changed in the last year. 

We ventured to Elveden and saw reindeer, watched ghostly elves sing bizarre Christmas songs, and had Azy get a picture with Santa. It's a fun tradition to take our baby to every year. Not the cold part but the seeing and doing christmas activities parts. Elveden is a little village about twenty minutes from where we live. They have little mom and pop shops there along with a garden center and cafe. It's a fun little place in the middle of the forest. We went with 
the Lubben family and it's fun to get out with other families that have small kids and we get along with. 


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