Aislyn turns ONE!

On Tuesday Azy babe turned one! Can you believe it?! I'm amazed at how fast this last year has gone! I can't even keep up with this little being, she is going  keep us on our toes. We had a busy birthday with doctor appts, moving, picking up our car, and celebrating! 

Here's a rundown of our little girl and everything that makes her, HER. 

She's 28.5" tall
Talking and babbling away
She says mama, dada, yeah, hi, hey, baba, walk, and up
She loves crawling and trying to stand and walk now 
She isn't walking but will walk unassisted with her car/walker 
She waves hello, dances, reaches up, and is now doing more complex sequences with toys and steps/procedures 
She is a good little eater despite her little self, she hates peaches and cucumbers but loves everything else. 

We didn't get to have a party but did a cake smash with her. She had never had cake or frosting, but went straight for the frosting. (Pregnancy related to what I craved?!) she is such a happy little treat and we love her so much! 


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