Bittersweet Farewells

It's always bittersweet writing posts that seem like we just wrote yesterday.  It doesn't seem that long ago that we arrived in Bellevue for Mike's residency.  It has been a little under a year since we have been here and we are already packing up once again, but this time to move halfway around the world.  It is amazing how much life has changed in the last year but also how much it hasn't changed.  This place has been an amazing place to start our family and the people that we have met in the process have been phenomenal.  We are so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to see new parts of the world while we are young and to start the next adventure but it is still sad to leave a place that was just starting to feel like home.  We just barely obtained our official orders last week, got our move scheduled for the end of July, after two months of waiting just got our passports Saturday.  We still have yet to obtain an official fly out date, but we are assuming it will be sometime in the first week or two of August to fly to London.  In the meanwhile, I being the crazy planner, have started dejunking and getting rid of stuff.  The nice thing with moving every few years is you never get the opportunity to collect that much stuff.  I am astonished at how many clothes our child has... (insert sarcastic grin here) I love how she is still tiny and still wears a good majority of her clothes that are 6 months and under.  We had the chance to spend the week with Mike's parents as they came through Omaha last week.  Aislyn absolutely loved spending time with her grandparents and pulling at Grandpa's face.  We were able to go to the zoo as a family, which is Mike's favorite thing.  This zoo is amazing and we would love to come back one day! I know I am not a real blogger but at least I try to get pictures up every few weeks! We have a weight check tomorrow to see where Azy is at, fingers crossed that she is at least fifteen pounds and taller than 27"... 

She got her first two teeth, wasn't fussy at all while she was cutting them.
She is crawling like a maniac.
Gets into everything as long as it is shiny, a power cord, or a toy.
She has an appetite for almost anything, although she is still struggling with picking up food and putting it in her mouth.
She loves singing and saying "Hey!"
She is now pulling herself onto stuff and taking tumbles like a champ.


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