We found out at the beginning of May that we would be moving to RAF Lakenheath AFB in England this August.  When I married Mike I knew we would be moving with the military, however I never anticipated that we would get to experience England and Europe. We thought as the process was happening that we would be going to Florida or Japan.

The commanding officers were telling everyone where they were going and Mike was nice enough to dial me in on speakerphone. As they were announcing I heard location after location Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, Germany, Japan, Korea, and us going to England. 

It will be sad to leave the short life we have established here in Nebraska. The friends, families, and ward we have come to know. I feel as though we have established lifelong friends and I hope we meet up again in the future. 

The amazing process of preparing to move overseas has begun. We are extremely excited for this new adventure and the experiences we get to share as a family! 

We have already sent in our paperwork for our new passports including Azy's. We still have to obtain our military passports along with our official orders. However, the process has started and we have already booked our temporary lodging for our move out and our move into England. 

Logistics are still being figured out but we will most likely fly out of St. Louis after shipping our car. From there who knows what the next step is... Oh wait... It's finding a house. There is currently a twelve month waiting period for officer housing so we will have to find housing off base when we arrive in England. 

We will be in England for three years and hope to experience a lot of what Europe has to offer. This will be Mike's first time to Europe and my second time. We will be about eighty miles northeast of London and close enough to utilize a lot of travel opportunities to other countries. 

Here's a slight preview of what Lakneheath has! 


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