Six weeks...

New this week...

She's genuinely smiling when you smile at her 
She's drooling
Getting to be quite the kicker
Loves snuggling
Talking more and more
Has developed a fake cry 
Whimpers after eating every time
Loves her tongue
Got to meet grandpa Goodwin, uncles Stewart, Chandler, and Sterling, aunts Cami and Meghan, cousins Liam, Lily, and Dane for the first time. 

This week we took our first flight with Aislyn and she was a champ for the most part only cried for half of the flight haha. We are in Utah for Thanksgiving visiting the Goodwin side of the family and having the Struthers side visit as well. We will be blessing Azy next week as well as celebrating Mike's dirty thirty. Wow time is flying more pictures to come :)


  1. Love the pictures! She is way too cute! Looks like you guys are having a blast!


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