Sad day.

Today our little dog Bronco passed away. He was fine all day and was playful and then all of a sudden he was on the ground in our living room whining. He was unable to move his left side and as I scooped him up his poor little body was slowly giving up and we assumed he had a stroke. The little guy was my baby and was slowly growing on Mike. But it's sad to think he won't be here anymore. And no thanks to the pregnancy hormones I haven't stopped crying. We tried to do a good thing and rescue a dog that someone had beaten senseless for the first year of his life. I am comforted knowing that he had a good six months with us enjoying his car rides, peanut butter treats, long walks around the neighborhood, and snuggling up for kisses. I'm going to miss this little guy more than I ever thought was possible. So we said goodbye temporarily to our little guy today. But remembering the saying that all dogs go to heaven.

Rest in peace our little Coco aka Bronco.


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